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Put Your Trust in Brentwood’s Solar Experts

Dive into the heart of United Solar Electric, where solar dreams come true! Our commitment extends beyond powering homes; it's about nurturing communities. Discover the story behind our family-owned and -operated venture, where every solar panel is a testament to our dedication. Let the sun shine on your journey with us.

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Two rows of solar panels are seen on one side clay tile roof.

Discover the Brilliance of Solar with United Solar Electric

In the tapestry of Brentwood, we thread the story of United Solar Electric — a tale woven with passion, compassion, and commitment. Our team, driven by a mission to serve, brings solar solutions that touch lives. With personalized Nabcep-certified expertise and quality products from Maxeon and Enphase, our solar designs brighten homes and communities alike. Contact us at United Solar Electric, where your solar story begins with a spark and shines with the warmth of community care.

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